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How do you set up AD for a windows 2003 Domain?

To set up active directory for windows 2003 …

The following would outline the process needed to create the first Domain controller in a new Windows Domain.

  • First update you server to the latest service pack and install any available windows patches.
  • Assign a Static IP for your server and use the same IP address as the DNS in the TCP/IP Field so the server looks to itself for Domain Name Resolutions

  • Install DNS services and configure the server to be your first DNS server on the new domain.
  • After a Restart, type DCPROMO in the run box and execute.Choose to be the first of Domain controller in a New Forest and then have the wizard guide you through the rest of the process. MOst of thepther questions you can choose the defaults. I would soon be posting a video on this blog so you can see the step by step process of what happens after you run DCPROMO. If you need help with installing or configuring any of the listed steps before dcpromo, there would be separate entries and videos in the blog that would further break down those steps.
  • Hope this has been informative to you.